How To Become a Wrongful Conviction Lawyer

How To Become a Wrongful Conviction Lawyer – There are several instances where people who were imprisoned after being found guilty of a crime were later exonerated.

It has been discovered that willful government malfeasance directly contributed to the conviction process in a troubling number of these cases. If you are jailed for a crime you did not commit, you may be able to get money from the government. 

No government, especially the authorities in New York City, wants to concede that it has acted improperly, and its legal counsel will take all reasonable precautions to do so.

It is crucial that you have legal counsel that is equal to or greater than what the government has available to utilize in its own defense.

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C. in New York, our personal injury lawyers defend clients who have been wrongfully convicted. 


On March 29, 2017, the State of Michigan passed a new law to provide compensation for people who were wrongfully imprisoned for certain crimes and found to be innocent. After this law was passed, the state set up a fund to help pay for damages.

The Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act, MCL 691.1753, is the law that freed prisoners can use to get large payments.

You must meet the following requirements according to the law in order to be eligible for a settlement under the Act:

  • According to Michigan law, you were found guilty of one or more offenses. 
  • You were given a jail term by the court;
  •  you spent at least a portion of the sentence behind bars. 
  • Your conviction verdict was overturned or overturned. 
  • Charges against you were dropped, or the defendant was acquitted after a second trial;
  • the conviction was based on fresh evidence showing the individual was not a perpetrator of the crime or acts, and was not an accessory or accomplice. 
  • The outcome of the criminal case was one of the following options: (a) the judgment was overturned; (b) the charges were dropped; (c) a not guilty verdict; or (d) a governor’s pardon. 

If you satisfy these prerequisites, you should get in touch with our knowledgeable attorneys to file your case.


Within three years following the entry of a verdict, order, or judgment that was based on the judgment of conviction reversal or judgment vacation, you must file your complaint for relief under the Act. Your claim will be permanently banned if you miss this deadline.

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A claimant who satisfies the legal requirements is entitled to $50,000 for each year they were imprisoned. For people serving sentences of less than a year, the payment is prorated at 1/365 of $ 50,000 for each day spent behind bars.

Several persons who were wrongfully imprisoned have received compensation settlements totaling more than $1,000,000 for their jail term. There have also been several more sizable towns.

Even while the time away from your family and regular life cannot be made up, you may at least receive compensation and start the next stage of your life with some financial security.

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