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Reasons To Start Grasscutter Farming Business

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Grasscutter is a rodent that is normally found in Africa countries. Although these are generally  hunted in West Africa, they can also be reared and domesticated like every other livestock animal. In this article, we will be discussing on the reason to start grasscutter farming business. So make sure to read this piece of content to the end in other to understand the information contained thereof.

Grasscutters have certain characteristics which can boost your business they include rapid growth and good health under intensive condition and they also possess some intrinsic characteristics. They become fully mature and sexually active within the ages of 5-6 months. So in that case, they can start reproduction at this very age and can litter (give birth) to about 10 - 14 young ones.

Grasscutter are of great importance and value, simple to keep, rear and take care of. This has encouraged livestock farmers to partake in the domestication of these micro-livestock animal instead of hunting for them in the bushes. The meat is very good and highly rich in protein with many other health benefits as well.

Top 6 Reason To Start Grasscutter Farming Business
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Reason To Start Grasscutter Farming Business

Below are the top 6 reasons to start grasscutter farming business.

1) Easy and Cheap to Start

Grasscutter farming business is among the easiest and cheapest micro livestock farming to venture into. You'll need an iron cage of about N30,000 to N60,000 and a colony of Grasscutter which consists of one male and four females. A colony is known as one family of Grasscutter which will cost about N50,000 to N70,000.

The cost of one colony of Grasscutter solely depends on their age and breed type as well. Grasscutter is a micro-livestock animal that doesn't need too much space to keep and rear them. You can keep their cage anywhere in your house, either a room, kitchen or even the compound if the property is yours.

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The Nigerian economy is not what will determine how much you can make from your grasscutter farming, so all you have to do is just to start first with whatever you have.

2.) Production Of Meat

Grasscutter rearing is a good source of meat production for man's consumption. These micro-livestock animals are very efficient in the convertion of vegetables to meat. They grow very rapidly with little feeding together with supplements, thus making them gain a lot of body weight within a short period of time.

They are the strongest and biggest type of rodent found in West Africa. A male grasscutters can gain a body weight and size which is up to two times the size of a parent cock meat. Grasscutters would be ready for the market and for breeding purposes within 12 weeks of age. Due to their fast maturity rate and high conversion of feed to meat, grasscutters can be raised for meat production purposes within short period of time.

3.) Regular Income Generator

Raising and selling of Grasscutters is a sure way to generate consistent and regular income, feed yourself, family and many more. There are various ways you can make money from this micro livestock farming business.

You can go into this business as a breeding stock farmer which means you'll be raising the animals only to stock other grasscutter farms. In about 3 to 6 months of age the livestock animals will be ready for selling in colonies. Profits and income can come in various ways.

Also you can sell your knowledge by writing e-books on this farming business, training prospect farmers also can generate income. You can as well sell your grasscutters either alive or smoked to bars, Restaurants, individuals and Hotels. You can make money also by selling the waste products as manure for crop production farmers etc.

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4.) High Production Rate

Grasscutters production rate is high. Although pigs are the known livestock animals in terms of high  production rate, grasscutter is the next animal to pigs. A quality specie of female grasscutter can litter (give birth to) about 14 babies or more within a year.
It takes between 24 to 26 weeks to rear these animals to full marturity.

Their mortality rate is very low when you properly manage and handle them. The rate at which the consume feed like for grasses is about 80% and other supplements is about 20% and this solely depends on the type of breed. They have good and stronger immune system which makes them more resistant to diseases even if it later occurs, the disease will be minimal.

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5.) Market Ready And Meat For All

If you have tasted Grasscutter meat before, you will agree with me that it is a very delicious meat, if you haven't, you should try it out and you will believe what I am saying. It is categorized as a hot cake in many Restaurants.

The meat is always market ready so, any quantity you can produce whether small or large you will always sell them off because of the high demand by customers. The meat has so many health benefits and this makes nutritionists prescribe the meat for people with health problems.

It is a white meat with low cholesterol. Grasscutter is a generally accepted meat for consumption because there is nothing like religious, ethnic or cultural taboos related with eating the meat.

6.) Creation Of Job Opportunities

Grasscutter farming business helps to reduce unemployment in the society by creating job opportunities for many people. You can thus become an employer of labor instead of seeking a job, preparing CV and writing hundreds of applications, begging for a job.

You can just decide to relax and start this grasscutter farming business which can make you wealthy in few years to come and also create job opportunities for other individual. For example; Like the welder that fabricated the pens for you, you just already provided jobs too.

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Also the processing and exportation of grasscutter meat can as well provide job opportunity and thus reduce the rate of importation of frozen meats such as chicken, turkey etc. This will reduce inflation and improve the economy of this country Nigeria.

Conclusion And Advice

So with all these reasons, you can see that grasscutter farming business is a very lucrative business to go into. Instead of being among those seeking for jobs and settling for lesser monthly pay than you deserve. Create your own business and earn limitless income.

This micro-livestock farming business is not expensive to start. So I don't think there is any excuse you can give for doubting or waiting back. This is because the longer you wait the more productive time you waste. Instead become a doer of action rather than a talkative.

So with all the detailed information contained in this piece of content on the top reasons to start grasscutter farming business, I strongly believe am able to convince you to start your own grasscutter business. You can share your thoughts using the comment box or contact us page. Feel free to share and like this post. Thanks for your time.


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