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Prevention And Control Of Pest On Snail Farm

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Hello, today I will discuss on prevention and control of pest on snail farm. In recent times, snail farming is a booming livestock farming business. Everybody is now moving into this farming business because people are now more conscious of what and the type of meals they ingest into the body.

Prevention And Control Of Pest

Snail meat is a superb meat extraordinarily rich in protein mainly for the ageing and pregnant ladies. Due to the the nutritious values of snail meat, there's excessive demand for the snail both across the world (europe) and locally (Africa) in Nigeria.

How to prevent and manage pest on a snail farm

For the success of a snail farm, there are factors and sacrifices to be made. They are: farm region, feeding and management including the prevention and control of pests. This have to be taken into consideration for any snail farming business.

Due to the regular growth of the world population, the demand for snail meat is high and thereby generating a great marketplace for snails and making it a profitable livestock business.

Even though the demand for it is excessive, and livestock farmers have increased as well, however the supply of snail to the masses has never been met.

Why is this need for snail not met? Let me explain further, majority of snails farmers lack the abilities and knowledge of prevention and control of pest on snail farm.

A number of them don't have good training, and management of snail farm. The primary purpose of this is to prevent and control pests attack.

To avoid the needless loss of snails to pest attack, you as a farmer must understand the tactical approach to control and prevent pests in a snail farm. Right here are the some snail pest: termites (soldier ants), snakes, birds, lizards, toads, frogs and so on. 

Toads and frogs prey mainly on young snails, at the same time the bigger ones, reptiles like the snake prey on both the snails and the eggs irrespective of the size. These pests are known to attack snail farms.

Ways to Prevent and control pests on snail farm

Pest invasion is one of the important issues to keep in mind, when you are into snail farming business. Like one of the famous quote that says "prevention is better than cure", you shouldn't look forward to those pest to attack your snail farm before you take actions.

That is because the impact of these pest can be very brutal to you snail farm.

1.) Treatment of soil

Each snail farm with any kind of housing system be it extensive or semi extensive needs a soil. Soil is the most important habitat where the lifespan of snail starts from and ends too.

And most of those pest also lives in the soil because that's there habitat too, and your snails can be susceptible to their attacks. With the dangers surrounding the use soil on your snail farm, there's a need to deal with it in other to avoid the invasion of these pest.

Soil heating or solarization is the very best technique to deal with this because there's no need of chemical programs. This involves the use of heat to dispose off and kill pest living inside the soil before being taken to the pen.

Here, the soil are being transferred into huge cooking basins where they are heated to about 120°c to make sure that any pest and micro organism dwelling in the soil are removed.

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Right now after heating the soil, take them into the pens at the same time while warm and permit them to cool there.Do not make the mistake of allowing the soil to first cool out of  the pens before transferring because other pests can enter. That is the first standards when adopting an intensive housing system.

2.) Pest repellant plant life

There are some plants or even grasses which can clearly help in the prevention of pest by making the environment uncomfortable for them to survive. They are referred to as pest repellant plants.

They're superb in stopping reptiles like snakes, insects from getting into and living on your snail farm. Examples of these pest repellants are neem leaves, garlic, ginger and so on. Gingers and garlic may be grinded and sprayed all over the corners and front of the snail farm occasionally.

3.) Removal of leftover feeds

For instance,  snails farmers form the habit of leaving perishable meals for a lengthy time frame to avoid meals wastage. They want the snails to forcefully devour them, this isn't right at all.

It is better that leftover snail meals should removed and disposed properly especially the perishable ones after 24 hours. That is because allowing the food there will entice pest like ants which isn't for your snails.

4.) Ordinary sanitation of snail farm

For the health and safety of your snails, you must practice good sanitation on your snail farm. Keep your whole surrounding clean and unfit from pests.

Snails are living things like us, so they feed and defecate, clean their pens each morning to remove waste before new food is served.

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Make sure that the feed plates and drinker plates are especially the drinkers plates. Wash and rinse those plates well. For optimum productivity, snails need quality care.

5.) Use of organic pesticide

It is good to apply pesticide on your snail farm. That is often completed before stocking your snail farm or immediately after harvest. Examples of these insecticides are black cleaning soap and neem oil.

Those pesticides will keep the right sanitation and also remove the pests thereby making your snail farm as healthy as possible.

Precautions to prevent pest on a snail farm

There are some important precautions that I want to mention before the methods to prevent pests on a snail farm. I believe these precautions will ensure the safety of your micro-livestock animals.

1.) Never use chemical compounds in the control of pest as this may be very poisonous and harmful for your snails.

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2.) The use of pesticides should be used before stocking the farm or after harvest. But when spraying your farm, ensure to spray the entire farm on the same time.

Never spray your snail farm in batches, as some pests are clever that they'll evacuate to the other corner of the farm and cause greater harm.

Regardless of how massive your snail farm is, the use of organic pesticides must be done once. Try to hire extra people to help you do the spraying as soon as possible and together in other to be very effective.

3.) Snail meals must be served on flat containers. In other to prevent and improve the benefit of  pest free snail farm, make sure that every snail food is served in a flat container.

This will help prevent decays on the soil which can also harbor pests and also keep your farm in a healthy and neat condition.

With everything I have said in this post,  I am hope and agree that I have given you an awesome detailed article on prevention and control of pests on snail farm. Don't forget to give us remarks with the comment box below or through the contact us page.

Thanks for reading Prevention And Control Of Pest On Snail Farm

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