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How To Prevent Odors On Pig Farm

  Obyke Nonny       Saturday, July 18, 2020
Hello, am going to show you in this article how to prevent odors on pig farm. So make sure you read this article to the end so as to understand the detailed information in this piece of content.

How To Prevent Odors On Pig Farm

The major problem faced by pig farmers in countries such as Nigeria, China and so on is the offensive odors from pig farms.

Many people sort to know how to prevent and control the odors from the farm but they don't seem to understand where the odor is coming from. What level has the odor has reached? What will it take to prevent the odor?

Like I said before that this piece of content will give you detailed information on how to prevent odors on pig farm properly.

How To Prevent Odors On Pig Farm

1. A Good Farm Area

In other to prevent odor on pig farm, the farm area where the pigs are located is one criteria.

This is because the production rate also depends on farm area. The distance of the pig farm from residential area needs to be further apart.

Before the siting of a pig farm, a thorough survey should be made to know the wind direction in different seasons of the year. This is because the intensity of odor circulation is affected by geographic area.

For instance, if you site a pig farm on a hill, when wind blows and subsides, the offensive odor from the pig farm will flow down the hill. And people living on level ground will be disturbed from the odor.

So it good to choose a good site for your pig farm so as to prevent odor on pig farms.

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2. Good Handling of Waste

The best way to handle waste on pig farm is by using injection method. Injection method is the removal of waste (faeces) from septic tanks with the aid of suction machine.

This method can reduce odor on your pig farm to about 50 to 60% if compared to spreading the waste around the farm.

3. Tweaking/changing The Pig Diet

This is another cheap method used to prevent odors on pig farm. This can reduce the odors from pig farms to about 30%. 

You can simply do this by tweaking the pig feed. You can reduce the quantity of raw protein rich in amino acid.

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4. Pit Ventilation

In other to prevent odors on pig farm, you can use pit ventilation method for that. Pit ventilation is simply opening the septic tank containing the dung sewage for sometime.

If the pit ventilation is done properly, the dung waste will become more volatile and dissipate the offensive smell within the surroundings gradually.

5. Using Biofilters

Here is another modern technique used to prevent odors on pig farm. This involves the use of biofilters to curb the offensive odor from pig farm to about 60 to 70%.

This is done by passing air through a biofilter bed. The machine used for this is very effective but it requires you to properly manage the moisture content.

Before you install this biofilter machine on your pig farm make sure the machine is compatible with the pig farm ventilation system.

6. Vegetative Surrounding Buffers

This is a natural method used in reducing and preventing odor on pig farm. This is also known afforestation, you should plant trees and vegetative crops in the surroundings of your pig farm.

What these plants does is that it will increase the circulation oxygen (clean air) and thus reduce the offensive odors on your pig farm. This doesn't cost you much all you do is just to plant trees around your pig farm.

7. Good Sanitation And Management

Good sewage waste disposal , use of disinfectants in the daily clean up of the pig's pen and proper waste management will reduce the offensive odors coming out from any pig farm if you do these activities properly.

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Good sanitation is a key to prevent odors on pig farm and also maintains good hygiene for the pigs as well.

With all the things I have said on how to prevent odors on pig farm, I strongly believe that if you properly use these strategies within you Pig farm you would have an odorless pig farm.

And I know this is one of the number one goal to a good hygiene of your Pigs. Remember to like and share this article with your friends. You can as well share your thoughts using the comment box below. Thanks.


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