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Snail Feed And Categories

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Hello, you're welcome to Icoquet blog. I will like to share with you how to properly feed your snails that is showing you the right snail feed and categories. However there was a previous post which you can refer to which is steps to start a wealth generating snail farm

Snail Feed And Categories

It's no longer a new thing that many people nowadays don't know that snail farming exist, all the recognize is poultry (bird), fish farming, and different livestock farming. As you have seen, snail farming is very lucrative in Nigeria nowadays and all over the world as well.

However you could start this farming business but the question is how will you manage the farming, especially feeding. The feeding of snails is what this write up is all about and however, you need to take snail feeding critically.

I will advise you to read through this piece of content cautiously to know and absolutely recognize snail feed categories and what you need to feed your snails.

Snail feeds
Snails eats various kinds of meals that could fall into any of these categories:

Agricultural by products,
Clean veggies,
Liquids, and

You can see above that most of what humans eats can also be eaten by snails with few exceptions. They are omnivorous in nature and that is why they have been in existence for generations. Records has it that snails have been in existence since ages.

Leaves and greens:
Some leaves eaten by snails are paw-paw, cocoyam, banana, sweet potato and cassava. Snails eat a lot of vegetables too. A number of their best vegetables consist of pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, okra, water leaf, spinach, garden egg plant, amaranthus and all green vegetables that can be eaten by man.

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Fruits can also eaten by snails, they include breadfruit, cucumber, green beans, nectarine melon, peach, plums, paw-paw, banana, plantain, orange, apple, pineapple, grape, tomatoes, ripe pear, avocado and all fruits good for eating.

Tuber crops like yam, sweet potato, cocoyam and cassava while cooked also can be eaten by snails.

Liquids that snails take are water and other watery food merchandise.

Agricultural waste: 
Agricultural waste like wheat bran, rice bran, corn, soybean, residue bran, palm kernel cake, peelnof plantain and banana, fresh maize chaff and lots of more also can be eaten by snails.

Cereals like dried and processed maize, groundnut cake, soybean meal, and sorghum are eaten by snails.

Meals supplements:
Feed dietary supplements like fish meal and blood meal are also healthy for snails too.

Concentrates include fowl waste and feed, fish feed.

Minerals taken by snails consist of limestone, timber ash, fish meal, bonenmeal and chalk. Snails also want loads of calcium in-take for strong shell formation. Calcium or mineral supplement can also be derived from meshed eggshell, oyster shell, bone meal or even soil.

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Now we want to know how and why we should feed our snails properly. 

Why do snails need right feeding

The reason for feeding the snails is to aid replica potential and growth. Consequently, you must be consistence in feeding. It's been known that snails can consume up to 3 – 5 % of their body weight in just 24hrs.

Snails convert feed to body weight when a balanced weight diet containing protein, nutrition, minerals, calcium carbonate and phosphate is given to them. Be aware by no means to use agricultural chemical substances in form of spray or powder, as they may be poisonous to snails.

Feed snails as much as they can consume, ensure good amount water every day. If active snails are starved of food, they'll loose 2 – 5% of their body weight in 24 hrs. Basically, snails are fed two times in a day i.e within the evenings between 5pm – 7pm and early in the morning, around 7am-9am. Snails are nocturnal animals i.e they're more energetic during the night time.

The feeding equipment have to be dispensed equally within the snail farm to ensure same feeding possibility for all of the snails. Avoid salt and salty foods considering that snails do now not live to tell the amount of salt intake.

You may go through it this post once more if you don't understand it and you can use the comment box below to tell us what your thoughts are on this article about snail feed and categories. Thanks for your time.

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