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Snail Farming Business Complete Guide

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Snail meat is taken into account to be white meat and of high-quality significance to dietitians. It is extraordinarily cautioned by means of nutritionists and scientific personnel to people with numerous health problems. Nowadays i'm able to show you methods to make money from snail farming in nigeria.

Snail farming business

Ways to make cash from snail farming 

Snail meat is low in ldl cholesterol, rich in macro molecule, calcium, iron, and necessary amino acids required with the aid of the form. It is extraordinarily recommended for people with high pressure according to unit region, and heart linked illnesses, and additionally helpful for weight reduction packages.

Snail farming is a side of micro-cattle farming that produces ample advantage to the people worried in it, and it is a enterprise that is now not saturated with investors despite the fact that.

Snail farming will not be negative to any realistic atmosphere due to the fact the prospective marketers don't mandatorily need to comfy lands before they start up the commercial enterprise because snails do no longer want too much location for survival.

You may begin this commercial enterprise for your yard or any reachable location in your property or compound, as it waste isn’t offensive to human beings, no longer like those of various farm animals animals like pigs, rooster and so on.

This guide is supposed to deliver you with the steps had to start this worthwhile business

Capital necessities

Snail farming may be a low capital in depth commercial enterprise no longer like exclusive cattle farming corporations. With as little or no as 50,000 naira or slightly on top of 100,000 naira, you'll begin the enterprise.

In comparison to one-of-a-kind farm animals farming, snails are low value to go for and also the operational fee of retaining the farm is moreover low. Extra clarification are going to accept under.


The most common breed unremarkably located and practical for export is called the archachatina marginata , that is generally noted as african large snails. Those snails are commonly discovered all through descending seasons in damp places like underneath leaves, stones, on trees and the opposite moist location available.

The african huge snails are majorly asked for for export and local consumption, thanks to its delicate and smooth body and onerous shell that can be used for distinct by using-merchandise, majorly cosmetics and medicinal drug.

Precise shares for breeding will be observed in local marketplace locations, especially at rural areas. Snails will be bought at low value prices all through the time of yr, due to the fact it's far oversubscribed in huge quantities.

Every location you're in, you may get snails in the course of descending seasons whilst not having to get any on the marketplace vicinity, by deciding on them from bushes round you.


For business rearing, snails sleep in pens or a tiny low cage region anywhere you cowl with sensible loamy soil, and over lay it with current leaves that need to be modified from time to time.

Also, the pen desires to be in-constructed such some way that it doesn’t disclose the snails to most daylight, as daytime publicity makes them dehydrated and vanish. It's miles better to create your pen anywhere sufficient color is accessible to protect your snails.

Construct pens with cord protection around it to wade off predators like ants, rats, termites and snakes relying on anywhere you have were given the pens.


Snails are easy to feed. They may be fed with fruits like bananas, carrot, tomatoes, eggplants, pawpaw and so forth. You may moreover feed them with greens like egg plant leaves, pawpaw leaves, cabbage or lettuce and you may drop very little gentle left-over ingredients for them.

You will add snail feeds in case you consequently need but that is regularly no longer required. Retaining the snails on realistic soil is preponderant for their growth due to she get water and distinctive vitamins from the soil.

You can moreover use synthetic boiler feeds used for chicken to fill out the snail quicker and create them marketplace-prepared in due time.

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Snails are hermaphrodites, way to their twin intercourse organs. But, a snail desires to be mated via some other snail earlier than it's going to lay eggs. Snails generally mate at some stage in a practical populace of a hundred, however as soon as their population is just too dense, it doesn’t inspire sex interest and too dense a populace makes the snails small.

Snails will disable to 80 to 100 eggs at once and that they reproduce normally during the 12 months in particular in the course of descending seasons. The eggs lay by snails hatch internal 3-6 weeks and it receives matured for intercourse activity within 6months to 16months. Snails get absolutely marketable and matured in a single to 2 years.


Snails are virtually marketable, particularly as soon as your snails are of the appropriate size. It sells faster throughout the season as soon as it is scarce than for the duration of the time of 12 months after they are in abundance.

It's far advised for to require advantage of dry seasons to sell your snails at practical prices. You create double the maximum quantity coins by marketing large snails in season than moist seasons.

Snails can be provided to groups like restaurants, resorts, bars and joints, event planners, caterers and so forth as international health enterprise use the snails to set up numerous cuisine with it for customers.

We've got a developing population who want to measure up more healthy. Snail meat is best and healthier than any reasonably chicken reachable in the market, but the deficiency of the beef within the market place makes it a rare selection now not pronto accessible.

Advantages of snail farming

1. Each a part of snail is useful, both for meals, cosmetics, medicine and healthy feeds for one of a kind animals.

2. Snails are scares, that makes the demand beyond its affords, that allows the dealers have abundant advantage especially all through the dry seasons.

3. Snail farming desires low start capital.

4. Unsaturated market makes the business therefore viable and profitable.

5. Now not like exclusive eutherian mammal businesses with odours thanks to waste from the cattle, snails produces inodorous waste, and their pen is straightforward to preserve up.

6. Snail farming can be in any other case of gaining passive economic benefit apart your everyday activity, considering that it's much less time intense and presents you risk to journey concerning your one of a kind agencies.

Snails may be exported to absolutely distinct international locations of the globe, due to the fact it is able to be a sensible export artefact this is extremely asked for for severa makes use of.

Negative aspects of snail farming

1. Climate have an effect at the snails. Too much exposure to daylight hours and winds dehydrates the snails. Keep away from finding your pens in areas which can have an effect on your farming.

2. Predators create a treat to snails. In case you're going into the enterprise on an outsized scale, you have were given to comfy your land or pens okay from snakes and extraordinary dangerous termites dangerous to your snails. In addition more:

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Every a part of snail body is usable. Plenty of income may be product of snail farming interior a year with borderline threat and snails have high capacity and survival charge.

You may eliminate the snail from its shell and promote to absolutely one-of-a-kind end customers for intake and moreover sell the shells in my view to organizations who use it for specific programs. Sales realizable:

The lowest amount you will purchase a snail is N200 multiplying via  hundred snails = N40,000

For the reason that every snail while in intercourse pastime can turn out 80 eggs, so  hundred snails manufacturing eighty eggs can offer you 16,000 eggs. 16,000 eggs at adulthood with borderline loss can create your business grow from two hundred snails to sixteen, 200 snails in but a yr. At adulthood 16,000 snails oversubscribed for the minimal quantity of N200 can provide you a gain of 3,200,000 naira.

The on top of instance indicates you approaches profitable snail farming could be, and it is a market that's now not although saturated with numerous entrepreneurs and this provides you the chance to dominate your segment through provision to excessive finish customers as presently as they mature.

As accomplice brushed off teenagers, you may get into this enterprise which wishes little or no capital to start as you look for employment. The business will develop and you would probable discover which you simply don’t want employment despite everything. Rather, you end up associate leader of labour.

With all of the statistics nicely particular on this put up i accept as true with i've equipped you with the knowledge on approaches to make cash from snail farming in nigeria. Use the comment container beneath to provide us remarks.

Thanks for reading Snail Farming Business Complete Guide

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