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Snail Farming Business Complete Guide

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Snail meat is known to be white meat and of high quality importance to dietitians. It is personally prescribed by nutritionists and doctors to people with certain health problems. So in this post, I will be sharing with you a complete guide to start snail farming business in Nigeria.

Snail farming business

Complete Guide to start and make money from snail farming business in Nigeria 

Snail meat is low in cholesterol, rich in macro molecule, calcium, iron, and necessary amino acids needed in the body. It is personally recommended for people with high pressure and heart linked illnesses, and additionally helpful for weight reduction too.

Snail farming is a kind of micro-livestock farming that produces ample advantage to the people involved in it, and it is a business that is now not saturated with farmers despite the fact of it's benefits.

Snail farming will not be a disadvantage to any atmosphere due to the fact the prospective marketers don't need to find lands before they start up the business because snails do not need too much space for survival.

You may start this business at your yard or any reachable location in your property or compound, as it's waste isn’t offensive to human beings, unlike other farm animals like pigs, poultry and so on.

This guide will show the steps to start snail farming business

Capital necessities

Snail farming is a low capital in depth business unlike other livestock farming business. With as little as 50,000 naira or 100,000 naira, you'll start snail farming business.

In comparison to other livestock animal farming, snails are of low capital cost to go for and also the cost of retaining the farm is as well low.


The most common breed  is called the archachatina marginata, that is generally noted as African large snails. Those snails are commonly found all through the raining seasons in damp places like underneath leaves, stones, on trees and so on.

The African giant snails are majorly for export and local consumption, thanks to its delicate and smooth body and strong shell that can be used for distinct by products in cosmetics and medicinal drug.

Do not buy your snails from the markets because those snails may have undergone stress and dehydration due to the movement from one place to another.

In any location you find yourself in, you can get snails in the raining seasons instead of getting them from the market. You can find them in the bushes around you at night..


For the rearing of snails, they do live in pens that is filled with loamy soil and covered with current leaves that needs to be changed from time to time.

Also, the pen should be constructed in such a way that it doesn’t disclose the snails to the daylight, as daylight  makes them dehydrated and weak. It's better to create your pen in a place that is closed and accessible to protect your snails.

Construct pens with good protection around it to avoid predators like ants, rats, termites and snakes preying on your snail pens.


Snails are easy to feed. They may be fed with fruits like bananas, carrot, tomatoes, eggplants, pawpaw and so forth. You can also feed them with greens like egg plant leaves, pawpaw leaves, cabbage or lettuce and you may drop very little food ingredients for them.

You will add some supplements to the snail feeds in case good growth. Keeping the snails on good soil is good for their growth as well because they can also get water and distinctive vitamins from the soil.

You can also use artificial boiler feeds used for chicken to feed the snail so they grow quicker and get them ready for sales in due time.

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Snails are hermaphrodites, because of their double sex organs. This makes it possible for all the snails to be able to reproduce . Snails generally mate at some stage in a practical sense however, as soon as their population is just too dense, it doesn’t inspire mating.

Snails can lay up to 80 to 100 eggs at once and they reproduce normally during the raining seasons. The eggs laid by snails hatch between 3-6 weeks and it gets matured for reproduction activity within 6months to 16months. Snails can be marketable and matured in 1 to 2 years.


Snails are virtually marketable, particularly as soon as your snails are of the appropriate size. It sells faster in dry season when they are scarce than during the raining season when they are in abundance.

It's best to take advantage of this market during dry seasons to sell your snails at profitable prices. You can get double the price by marketing large snails in dry seasons than rainy seasons.

Snails can be sold to groups like restaurants, resorts, bars and joints, event planners, caterers and so on as they use the snails to set up numerous cuisine for customers.

The population wants to get more healthy. Snail meat is best and healthier than chicken available in the market, but the deficiency of the beef within the market place makes it a rare selection now.

Advantages of snail farming

1. Every part of snail is useful, both for meals, cosmetics, medicine and healthy feeds for other animals.

2. Snails are scares, which makes the demand high and allows the dealers take advantage during the dry seasons.

3. Snail farming requires low start capital.

4. Unsaturated market makes the business more viable and profitable.

5. Now unlike every other livestock faring businesses with odors, like wastes from the cattle and pigs, snails produces waste without smell which makes them clean.

6. Snail farming can be another source of passive income aside your everyday activity. Considering that it's much less time intense and presents you of no risk at all.

Snails may be exported to absolutely various international locations of the globe, due to the fact it is a good export artifact and used in many places.

Disadvantages of snail farming business

1. Climate have an effect at the snails. Too much exposure to daylight and winds dehydrates the snails. Keep your pens away from areas that can have a negative effect on your farming business.

2. Predators can be a treat to snails. In case you're going into this business on a large scale, you have to prevent your land or pens from snakes and dangerous termites dangerous from your snails.

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Every part of snail body is usable. Most income can be from by-product of snail farming (shell) and snails have high capacity of survival.

You may remove the snail from its shell and sell to customers for intake and also sell the shells to some companies who use it for specific programs.

Sales realizable:

The lowest amount you will purchase a snail is about N200 multiply it by hundred snails = N20,000

And check out this, a snail can lay up to 80 eggs, so  hundred snails producing 80 eggs can offer you 16,000 eggs. At adulthood 16,000 snails sold at a minimum of N200 can provide you a gain of 3,200,000 naira.


This show how profitable snail farming business could be, and it is a market that's not yet saturated with numerous entrepreneurs and this provides you the chance to dominate now before competition arrives.

You can get into this business that requires little capital to start as you look for employment. The business will develop and you would probable discover that you don’t need employment again. Rather, you end up creating job opportunities.

With all of the detailed information I have explained in this post on the complete guide to start snail farming business. In case you need any help and like to share your thoughts, you can use the comment section below. Remember to share and like this post and thanks for your time.

Thanks for reading Snail Farming Business Complete Guide

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