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Ways To Prevent And Control Diseases In Poultry Farm

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Welcome to Icoquet blog. Today, I will be sharing with you how profitable your poultry farming business would be once prevention and management of poultry diseases are being done. If you landed on this page, I believe you are looking for ways to prevent and control diseases in poultry farm.

If that's the case, then you don't need to worry because we got you covered. This is an in depth article that will solve your problems. After reading through this content, you won't need to look for more information about this topic. So make sure to read this content to the very end to fully understand what this post is all about.

In respect to the ways to prevent and control poultry diseases, the subsequent basic elements need to be thought about.

Prevent and control diseases in poultry farm

Major poultry diseases: There are 2 major poultry diseases that attacks poultry farm, they are Newcastle and Avian Influenza diseases.

Even though these 2 dangerous poultry diseases aren't present in most poultry farms in Nigeria, however, farmers ought to have it at the back of their mind that their farming business will be at risk as soon as those 2 diseases enters their poultry farm.

Without wasting much of your time, let's dive in to what we have today.

Ways to Prevent and Control fowl illnesses

Kinds of Poultry birds diseases

Newcastle sickness has been controlled through the years by means of a mandatory vaccination program that has helped to fight and shield the poultry birds. Most poultry diseases can be controlled by vaccination while others are controlled exceptionally by means of preventing and preserving them from entering the poultry farm.

The ways to prevent diseases in poultry farm

Poultry diseases are viable to enter a poultry farm through hens, day old chicks, bugs, pets, carrier birds, equipments and so on.

1.) Birds: A way by which infection may be enter a  farm is through  healthy birds carrying a disease organism.

Once a disease carrier bird is immediately incorporated in a poultry farm, diseases can apparently spread. For instance, a backyard fowl and different breed of birds may be a disease carrier.

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Prevention: Do not try to keep backyard or different breed of birds along with your poultry birds on your poultry farm. What I mean by different breed of birds, is like turkey or ducks, do not keep them on the same housing in your farm except if it's completely a turkey or duck farm (do not combine birds).

Endeavor that the guests, group of workers and you haven't come in touch with different breed of birds previously before you enter your farm. Also buy your day old chicks from well known companies and farms just in case of any remarks.

2.) People: The second most usual poultry disease carriers are friends and folks. There are various medium by which individuals will bring diseases into the poultry farm, which may be via foot wears, apparel, hands and so on.

Prevention: Make sure you don't entertain guests and different people into your poultry farm unless they are there to accomplish a purpose. One way to make your poultry farm safe from these diseases is by making sure the farm precautions like washing of fingers, wearing of farm overalls and shoes are consistently practiced and maintained.

This should be strictly for visitors returning from every other poultry farm that day. Make sure, that your poultry farm is properly guarded with security fence and best 1 outlet (gate) with a wake-up call button ⚠.

Do not permit egg collectors and feed delivery persons to enter your farm. For poultry farms which have their birds at the ground, they shouldn't enter the housing system with only 1 boot, as an alternative every housing machine should have it’s very own boot. This will facilitate and put off the carriage of diseases from one column to another.

3.) Day old chickens: poultry diseases are transmitted from an inflamed fertile chicken’s egg that then hatches into a day old chicken. Chronic respiratory disorder known as CRD is an example of egg borne poultry disease.

Prevention: The companies you buy a day old chicken should be free from CRD and also from widely known diseases.

4.) System: Other means of poultry disease transmission, is via farm equipment. Poultry crates and a few distinct equipment shared between farms can transmit diseases to your own farm.

For example, it's been verified that northern bird mite can actually be transmitted from one to another through egg crates.

Prevention: Do not in any way try to share equipment with different farms and don’t gain and use second hand equipment.

5.) Pets: Pets like cats, puppies etc., will also be a disease carrier. This can be from their feet, most of the pets especially dogs do go to dead bird disposal areas.

It will likely be an enormous risk to allow them into your poultry bird’s residence as a result, they may be going to disperse those infectious materials round your farm.

Prevention: Make sure, to restrict cats and puppies from entering the housing systems of your poultry birds. Maintain closing the doorways of your birds if no longer in use.

6.) Insects: Very little insects like mosquitoes are capable of sharing poultry pox, flies moreover transmit influenza diseases.

Prevention: The best way to prevent these diseases is through treating all poultry birds from the poultry pox and moreover ensuring to limit the quantity of flies within your farm.

The ways to Control poultry diseases from spreading

Even with those points I have explained above, it wont stop diseases from entering into your poultry farm. Here are some processes to observe in other to control the spreading, and limit the mortality rate in your farm.

Make sure that every fowl is well medicated and insusceptible. Inform and get the consent of veterinary health practitioner on using the right and proper immunization for a particular disease out break.

In a poultry farm, make sure it consists only one breed of bird within the same age grade in one house, because it will be less complicated to detect and control the diseases as soon as possible. Ensure that incoming birds are free from diseases and quarantine is correctly carried out in your farm.

When all of the batch of birds are sold out, endeavor to clean your poultry farm totally with viraclean and leave it for at least 2 weeks before new batch come in.

Egg collectors and other team of workers should attend to a specific age grade of birds at a time. It's best that in your farm, the general movement of the egg collectors and staff should range from the youngest birds to the oldest.

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Properly dispose lifeless poultry birds. It's best that dead birds must be deeply buried or fast burnt. Lifeless birds left carelessly in the poultry farm has a tendency to increase the rate of infection to your birds.

If a fowl escapes the farm residence for a prolonged period of time before recapture, do not join them along with the other birds. Build a barrier to stop birds from escaping or getting out.

Ensure the drinkers and feed troughs are nicely disinfected with viraclean on a daily basis. You should understand that drying of apparatus under the sun and use of viraclean are very satisfactory for killing many organisms inflicting diseases.

Water for poultry birds need to be free from any small organism contamination. This is frequently critical to make quality health and performance of your birds. It's best to use aquacure for water sanitation as this is mostly an essential side of the productivity of your farm.

Ensure to always examine your chicken farm regular, if it meets all the necessities for this reason decide and clear up any problems detected, without delay. This correctly, will really prevent and control diseases in poultry farm.

With all these detailed information, I believe I have given you the solution to ways to prevent and control diseases in poultry farm. Remember to use the comment box below to give us feedback.

Thanks for reading Ways To Prevent And Control Diseases In Poultry Farm

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