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Pig Farming Business Complete Manual

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Welcome to Icoquet blog. If you landed on this page, I believe you are surely interested in pig farming business. Pork meat is a highly demanded red meat all over the world due to the fact it is a delicacy. Despite the fact that the demands are high, farmers can't meet to this demand. So this is an area for people trying to make investments, to tap into and make money.

Pig Farming Business

Complete manual for Pig farming business 

Before we go further to what we've got, ensure to read this post to the very end to understand every detailed information here. First of all, I will like to start by explaining what pig farming is about.

What's pig farming?

Pig farming is a kind of animal husbandry that involves the raising, breeding and rearing of pigs. This serves for the production of food like pork, gammon and the skin for clothing. Beneath is the guide/ manual to start a profitable pig farming business

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Get a farmland

Pig farming business is a very profitable one because of the huge demand for it's meat. And due to the massive call for it, farmers don’t always meet up the needs of the marketplace despite the fact that there's a lot of pig farmers.

So with this you can start your very own pig farm with this complete manual to start a lucrative pig farming business anywhere and join the pig farmers to make money.

Farmland is the primary issue you may have if you need to start a pig farming business. If you are new into farming, a small plot of land like one plot is enough first of all, then as time goes on you can get more land space.

For commercial scale pig farming business, a big farmland is required because it will allow the pigs to move about freely, play around and retire back to their pens. If you can get farmland, you are on the road to success within the pig farming business.

My excellent proposal is to get a farmland in a rural region at a low cost. Right here in Nigeria, an acre of land is more or less about N200,000 – N300,000. You could do a great research on where and how you may get a farmland for your animals and improve marketability.

Like most farmers don’t need to seek out how they could distribute their pigs because butchers even come seeking out for them.

So obtaining a farmland favors the growth and improvement of your pig farming business because it permits the pigs to have a secured area where they are able to stay, move about, play and for that reason exercise their muscular bodies.

Housing System

Another guide to start a rewarding pig farming business is the housing. That is another component to be taken into consideration the vicinity where pigs lives or remains is known as a pen.

There are two kinds of pens, they're intensive and extensive pens. The intensive pen is a form of housing system for pigs in which the freedom of movement is confined. They're being kept in a limited vicinity where they are feed, defecate and do all their every day activities.

The extensive pens are mainly followed with the aid of commercial scale farmers whereby the pigs move about and go back to their pens for refuge. The pens should be nicely spacious in other to provide the pigs the liberty they deserve and also should have a right drainage device properly fixed.

The pens need to be well taken care of if you want to save your pigs from becoming dirty and additionally from contracting sicknesses. I recommend the extensive pens because it offers the pigs areas in which they are able to play, swim in pools and live a more healthy life.

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Choice of breeds

Getting an excellent and healthy breeds of pigs to start your pig farming business is distinctly necessary. This is to allow you to control and take accurate care of the pigs very well.

Additionally ensure the pigs have a very good vaccine so choose breeds which have a very good records or better purchase from well known pig farmers. There's a need for the services of a veterinary medical doctor for your pig farming business to be a success.

So ensure to get help from the vet on the vaccination, feeding and nutrients. Like I stated earlier pigs are omnivores this means they consume what people eat.

Purchase as many pigs as you can afford but it's good to buy a small quantity of piglets like 5-10 and then breed them gradually and slowly. This may allow you to get greater knowledge of the pigs and even if there exist any danger, the harm will be minimum.

Employment of workers

This especially applies for commercial scale farmers who can't manage each section and zone of the pig farming, you can appoint as many people as you need to get the required assistance you should.

But as a small scale farmer, you may do maximum of the work by your self or you may appoint 1-2 people who can help you inside the farming process, the selection depends on you.

Quality feeding

Feeding is a critical aspect for the massive achievement of every pig farming business.

As pigs are omnivores much like humans, they devour what we eat and as such requires quality feeding which is balanced diet for greater output of their body mass.

They need meals that is wealthy in protein, carbohydrate, fiber, nutrients and minerals to develop properly and resist sicknesses.

Feeding is the major aim for pig farming business as it determines the price in the marketplace g and this takes most of your spending inside the farm. Any other essential component here is constant water supply.

Like every other animal, pigs requires water in their daily existence, so clean smooth drinking water is sure for them. The usage of good drinking troughs are advocated for less complicated cleaning or automated faucet press drinkers. This faucet press drinkers are constructed in  such a way that the pigs puts their mouth there and water flows out.

So with the information I have dropped on guide to start a profitable pig farming business, I do believe you can start yours. Use the comment box below to give us feedback on this topic. 

Thanks for reading Pig Farming Business Complete Manual

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