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Challenges Of Rabbit Production

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Rabbit production in Nigeria is constantly increasing over the years, from small scale production to commercial production. There are many challenges of rabbit production in Nigeria which we will discuss on this post. So make sure to read to the very end. Challenges and prospects of rabbit production in Nigeria

Challenges of rabbit Production

I want to remind you that taking rabbits as a livestock animal on your farming business, is kind of less difficult than most micro-livestock animals. This is because it does not need too much land area or infrastructure to start the business. 

There are so many breeds of rabbits which is commercially acceptable. There are several motives for rearing rabbits, like for meat, breeding, experimental purposes so on. Let me throw more light on the reasons for rabbit production. 

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Challenges and Prospects of rabbit production in Nigeria

1. Manufacturing for meat

If the main reason of your rabbit farming business is for production of meat, then make sure you provide all of the needed sectors to perform this programme. By starting from the slaughter house immediately to the consumers. For example, the supply of meat to eating places, inns, joints, stores etc.

2. For experimental purposes

Another motive for rabbit farming is to generate cash by using them in laboratories and hospitals. But as it is, many rabbit farmers cannot meet with the demand because production of rabbits is not enough for these experimental purposes.

This is because it is required of a farmer to have the license to supply those livestock animals for laboratory purposes, hospitals and also higher institutions usage. The predominant distinction between the production of rabbits for laboratory functions and other rabbit manufacturing is because they are being checked to meet the right  hygienic conditions.

3. For breeding functions

Most of the people also opt into production of rabbit totally for breeding stock. Right here the rabbits are being raised in other to meet some standards which are, health, size and so forth. This also helps the farmer to use them for advertisement functions or display too.

Prospects of rabbit production in Nigeria:

1. Food sufficiency

In other to satisfy the unending preference and demand for food in Nigeria, farmers need to develop another approach to meet the demands. And rabbit production is a sure way to solve the problem of insufficiency of food in Nigeria.

Rabbit production has been one of the most important assets of food production in Nigeria because of its health advantages. Production of rabbits for commercial scale will subsequently provide sufficient food, create employment opportunities and also grow and generate income.

2. Important vitamins for the Body

Rabbit meat is very beneficial. The beneficial values of rabbit meats are calcium, nutrients, strength, protein etc. And many animal meat do not have these beneficial values for the body.

Like I emphasized above, that rabbit is a great meat because of its many heath benefits which are low quantity of fat, cholesterol and sodium when compared to other livestock animals.

This makes it essential for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and weight problems. Also there is no taboo related to the consumption or intake of this meat.

3. Reduces unemployment

Many people have researched about the production of rabbit and found it is of low cost to start. Aside being an excellent supply of food, it is also a good source of earnings for rabbit farmers in Nigeria.

This helps to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria and thus creates jobs or employment opportunities.

Challenges related to the production of rabbits in Nigeria:

1. Lack of information

Livestock farmers that specializes on rabbit production constantly face some challenges which includes the lack of quality information on the technical know how of production of rabbits.

This is one of the most difficult challenges in the production of rabbits. There is a popular quote that says "knowledge is power", what it implies is that, due to the restricted access to quality information on rabbit production, there is no further growth in the business and thereby making it wither away.

2. Bad choice of breeding stock

This is another challenge for the production of rabbit, that is making the right choice of buying good breeding species. It is best to acquire your breeding stock from an authorized breeding center.

Buying of breeding stock from nearby rabbit production farmers that is not that good because it may affect the inbreeding production. 

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3. Disease outbreak and lack of good feeding

Another problem within the rabbit production area is the surprising outbreak of diseases and mortality rate of the livestock animals.

Another thing that can cause this, is the lack of good feeding. Which can lead to inconsistency and deficiency in the production of these livestock animals.

4. Lack of modern equipment

Here is another hassle inflicting problem to the increase of rabbit production in Nigeria. But if there is employment or use of modern equipment and marketing techniques, production will sincerely growth.

Therefore, because of the unavailability of  these technology to the livestock farmers, the rabbit production has constantly been at the same stage.


If the production of rabbits is steady or consistent in Nigeria, it could contribute to food sufficiency, lessen unemployment and create job opportunities. The government and all the agriculture fascinated co operations have to also embark on programmes with the intention to help and grow the services of rabbit production in Nigeria.

There is need for the provision of modern equipment on this livestock animal production. This is because of consistent change in agriculture, therefore it is vital to change too.

Those modern facilities will boost the attractiveness and production of the rabbits for Nigerian farmers. Quality information and technical knowledge in the production of rabbit is quite vital, as it will improve the development of this sector into achieving greater heights, for the farmers and also the customers.

If all these information explained above in this post are being achieved by the farmers and the government, I strongly believe that productivity will increase and also the market will enlarge thereby promoting increase of rabbit production sector in Nigeria.

With the detailed information I have analysed on the challenges of rabbit production in Nigeria, you can now know what you may face and how you can overcome the challenges when it comes. So do like and share this post with friends and also remember to share your thoughts using the comment box below. Thanks!!

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