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How To Start Cat Fish Farming Business

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Hello, you are welcome to Icoquet. For you to have landed on this web page, I believe you are looking for quality information about cat fish farming business. You should not worry because your problem will be solved here. Am going to give you a complete guide on how to start a cat fish farming business and make cool cash without stress. Please endeavor to read this post to the end to fully understand the in depth information contained in this piece of content.

Cat fish farming

First I'll start by explaining what fish farming is all about. So this you will have an idea of what type of business you want to go into. Without wasting much time, let's get down to what we have.

What is fish farming? 

Fish farming can be defined as a type of agricultural farming that involves the maintaining, raising and breeding of fingerlings to a completely mature fish for the purpose of consumption.

Steps to start a profitable cat fish farming business

There are various species of fish but the one I will share on this post is known as cat fish. This is because, this type of fish can survive anywhere and also be reared at the comfort of your home. And also the maintenance is quite easy and affordable.

Is Fish farming profitable?

So many people ask too much questions, whether fish farming is profitable. This a good business to venture into in spite of everything and it is extremely profitable and generates money gradually.

Why did I say so? With the increasing population in the world, the demand for fish intake is relatively high.

Despite the fact that there is increase of farmers within this farming business, they're not able to meet the demand of the population. You can take part in this farming business and try to meet the demand of the population.

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Step by step guide to start a profitable cat fish farming business

This is the best to starting cat fish farming if you strictly observe what I will say in this article.

Why did I say so? Let me tell you a quick story, when I was a boy, we had a fish farm that we made a lot from those days.

My father made it compulsory for everyone to take care of the farm. My job was to feed the fish and change the water. This made me grow into loving this farming although we practiced it in small scale then.

With that very little information I had as a boy then, helped me later when I needed to enter into livestock farming business.

Research on the farming Business

When I mean research or analysis, thorough analysis is the beginning of success. This is because online guide is not enough to walk you through this process. You have to meet wealthy fish farmers and enquire the do’s and don’ts of the farming business.

There is nothing like to succeed in what you want to do. Always endeavor to meet many experienced farmers and ask questions on this livestock farming business. Make the effort and don’t rush into this business because you saw somebody growing instantly and making money from it.

Keep in mind that most of the people that started this business however couldn’t finish what they started out due to they didn’t analyze well, so don’t be like them.

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Farm Area

The place of your farm is another aspect to determine on. For an newbie or small scale farmer, you would need like at least one plot of land for a start, 1/2 plot is even enough. For large scale farmers, rural areas are going to be the best to locate the farm as a result of huge land portion required which is pretty inexpensive compared to city areas.

But you should look for places with good infrastructures like good roads, water supply and the distance to the marketplace is not that far. These factors if considered will help in boosting the success of your cat fish farming business.

Housing structure

The housing structures normally used for fish farming is called fish ponds. There are 3 varieties of fish ponds for fish farming business, they are earthen, concrete and plastic basin ponds. Let me explain more on those three kinds of fish ponds.

Earthen pond: This is a type of fish pool where the structure is being built or created on the ground (earth). Right here the dimensions of the pool is measured on the ground and dugged down to the desired size before filling with water.

Concrete pond: This is another kind of housing system for fish where blocks and cement are used to design and build a rectangular or four cornered pool. The structure is erected on top of the ground in comparison to the other one above.

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Plastic basin pond: This is a modern based fish pool that is made of large plastic or rubber basin particularly for the purpose of fish housing. This kind of pool is movable in comparison to the other two housing systems above. It's better for a small scale farmer because you can do it inside the comfort of your home.

Treatment of water

After the choosing the kind of pool to use in your farm, another thing to consider is ensuring you've got a good supply of water. For fish farming, you should ensure that the problem of water is handled before you put your fish in there.

Why is that this so? Because fingerlings are delicate and should be handled with care to prevent from loss in the farming business. Water treatment can help you gain a pinnacle first-rate and balanced fish pool.

This will also break down extra vitamins, remove fish waste, kill germs, bacteria and dispose of garbage from the pool. Application of water treatment can guarantee a good and clean pool.

Buying of fingerlings

It's best to buy good breed of fingerlings from a trustworthy farm that their sole purpose is marketing and distribution of fish. Make some research, for a healthy fingerlings with good records and high yield to start up with on your farm.

This will enable your farm to grow immediately within short period of time, because of the high rate of conversion of feed into food for the fish breed.

Feeding of fingerlings

This is the sector that consumes 70% of the time and money. This area determines the growth and health of your fish farming business.

You need to invest enough time here, so as to bring out the best of your farm at short period of time.

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There are primarily two kinds of fish feed namely extruded or floating feed and non-extruded or sinking feed. Allow me to explain more on these 2 kinds of feed below.

1.) Extruded or floating feed: This kind of feed are given to the fish once they are up to 8 weeks latest. 

 It's best given to grownup fish not the fingerlings because it might cause choking and loss of life of the fish.

2.) Non-extruded or sinking feed: As the name implies, it is a sinking feed given to fish in their early stage it is to maintain your fingerlings for length of six to seven weeks.

This is because as the implies, it's a sinking feed and it absorbs water and goes down into the pool and the fish can feed on them.

That is suggested for fish at the primary stage due to they are very fragile then. You may give them the feed bit by bit to reduce over feeding and prevent polluting the pool. Moreover endeavor your feed is balanced and contains the appropriate nutrient for good output.

Selling of product

This farming business is market ready this is because fish product is needed for its health benefits and richness in omega 3. Make enquiries at the cost of your product and communicate with retailers inside the market for distribution of your product.

Understand that the number one criteria in business, is to be kind on your newly accustomed customers in other to create long term relationship.

Thanks for reading How To Start Cat Fish Farming Business

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